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I am Ole Kröger, M.Sc in computer science, I work on many projects and since 2015 I write down what I work on. As I'm a huge fan of open source I try to give something back and blog about my open source projects. The only thing currently not open source is this blog :D

The reason for that is: I want to make some money to keep this going and my patreons pay that they can see posts earlier. That would be harder to do when open sourcing but maybe I can open source posts that are available for everyone. I'll think about it.

Hope that I have/had some ideas that are interesting for you. Please write me an email if you are interested in a project of mine then I will try to write about it! My email: o.kroeger@opensourc.es

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Name of my blog

I changed the name of this blog in October 2016 from OpenMachines to OpenSourcES. Well I like domain names where the tld is part of the name. The idea behind OpenMachin.es was a cross over between open source and machine learning. Unfortunately I had some problems with reactivating that domain and tried a new domain name. OpenSourc.es is a new fun one, I suppose. OpenMachines sounded a bit like some hardware stuff which is absolutely not the idea behind this blog. OpenSourc.es is interesting because it is a more general one and the German "es" is the English "it". Therefore the new name is a imperative for: OpenSource it! You should open source your project!

A bit about my projects

My first big project, Wikunia, started in 2011, is not even a side project anymore but you can still check it out :D (maybe not for long...). Some years later I've started to open source most of my stuff after I finished school in June 2013. The biggest projects are now at GitHub. In the springtime of 2014 everything in my open source career was about Brackets. Brackets is an open source editor by Adobe. It's an editor for all platforms and the best thing is that it's build with JS! I was a web guy and then I was able to program extensions for an editor in itself using web technology.

At the moment I have three "big" extensions which help during the documentation process cause I think that code is cool in the moment you write it but it isn't always cool some weeks later. Documentation wasn't fun but now after implementing FuncDocr it's kind of enjoyable, at least for me :D

After I wrote my bachelor thesis about "Evaluating a heuristic for alternative routes in road networks" I got into optimization. I took this discrete optimization course on coursera and got more than fascinated. During an internship at LANL I've worked on a mixed integer nonlinear solver using the relatively new programming languge Julia. The solver is called Juniper. Go check it out at GitHub. Afterwards I did my masters at the University of Heidelberg and started several other projects like ConstraintSolver and Javis .

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E-Mail: o.kroeger@opensourc.es


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