Constraint Solver Part 9: Recap video

Creation date: 2019-10-08

Tags: julia, constraint-programming, optimization, video

Series: Constraint Solver in Julia

This is part 9 of the series about: How to build a Constraint Programming solver?

We did a lot already in very small steps sometimes and maybe not all of you read everything. Special thanks to those who did!

If you're interested in this project but don't have time to read through all of it: Bookmark the website and return back later ;)

In this post I mostly mention the video I made about this series:

The main goal of this video is to show you the overall structure of the code which might be hard to follow in the blog version.

Additionally in the last couple of minutes I also give a coding session on how to integrate your own constraint. In the post it's the very simple equal constraint.

I don't explain the constraints in the video so if you want to read that again I would suggest:

Part Four: Alldifferent constraint and Part Eight: UI Refactoring. In the latter I gave a simple explanation of the sum constraint which I failed to give before.

If you wonder about the Variable Type which isn't explained in the video you should check out:

Part Five: Better data structure

Unfortunately the quality of the video/microphone isn't that good but I hope it's still watchable and reasonable. If you're interested in more stuff like this and maybe live coding of a constraint or something please comment. Comment as well if you think I should just keep blogging ;)

Next part is out

Stay tuned ;)

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