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Creation date: 2021-03-01

Tags: julia, newcomers

Welcome back everyone! Hope you had a wonderful February. I wanted to blog twice a month but I can tell you: February was very short.

Anyway I'm glad your back (okay maybe only I was away 😄)

What does one do when one doesn't have time or a good idea for a new blog topic? Thinking about new topics and how to increase the Julia community.

A while ago I asked on reddit what kind of blog posts are missing in the Julia community see thread here.

Seems like there is quite some interest in profiling, debugging and workflows in VSCode but also interesting Julia snippets and more Julia Basics.

That question wasn't just for me as I'm neither interested nor knowledgable enough to post about proper ML stuff or other fields of your interest.

I was wondering whether there is a possibility to give you more to read without me writing all of it 😄. Someone also suggested that it would be nice to encourage newcomers to write down what they have just learned as it's often easier to explain what you've learned a day or week ago than something you figured out a year ago. I enjoy writing the Julia Basics posts but they aren't easy to write but much needed in the community I think.

The New Idea

Why not enable newcomers to easily publish posts on an open source blog? You probably don't want to set up an own blog because it's some work. But would you like to share your new workflows if it would be easier to do so? An own blog is also not just writing posts but also sharing new posts with the world. Doing some marketing. You probably don't want to write for a few people who stop by from time to time but instead share it with hundreds or thousands.

There are blog aggregators like juliabloggers but it's not often easy to read them over that platform.

On Sunday after a few hours of thinking about it I decided to simply create a new blog on GitHub using Franklin.jl. Created a short description for you on how to create a new post here and published it.

For you it's now as simple as writing a post and making a PR!

I'll review PRs and might do some small editorial changes here and there but I'll mostly just merge it and share it with the world!

In the future I might add summary posts by going through a list of your different workflows and write them down in a longer post to make it easy to skim it but I mostly let that project be managed by you!

Let me know if you have any ideas on how to make the steps even simpler or simply submit the first post 😉

Thanks everyone! I'm looking forward to reading your posts!

Checkout the new site: TWL - Today We Learned

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