Pi vs Tau

Creation date: 2020-07-12

Tags: julia, luxor

There is always this debate \(\pi\) vs \(\tau\). Normally one argues about which one is more natural or easier to use. Why not decide which one is more beautiful? In each visualization you can see the first 200 digits after the decimal point for each number.

I know it's easy to spot if you look at the start so please just enjoy it and vote without trying to consciously figure it out :)

Is is \(\tau\)or is it \(\pi\)(maybe it's \(\sqrt{2}\))

3 choices?

Yeah, I think some people will find \(\sqrt{2}\) should win and they should be able to vote for it :)

Maybe you would like to have them bigger:


I'll explain how I did this visualization in a live stream on Twitch or explain the code here on the blog in the the next couple of days. Btw it's published How to visualize numbers!

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The results are in! \(\tau\) is officially the most beautiful.

\(\tau\) got 40.9% of the votes and \(\pi\) only 36.4%. Thanks everybody for voting :)

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